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    QNET is the world’s largest and fastest-growing online shopping and business community... and ever since 1998, they have been home to a new breed of healthy, happy and successful people of all ages, races, gender and socio-economic status.
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QNET: Work is fun here!

Why QNET should be considered as a good option for earning livelihood is explained by one of the IR’s in the following article. The IR has shared his viewpoints about the MLM company and the benefits of being associated with them. If you are not coming from another planet, you are certainly aware of financial … Continue reading

QNET teaches the art of chilling while working

“All work and no play  makes Jack a dull boy” is what one of the QNET IR is trying to explain through this article. How QNET has made it possible for the IR’s to follow their passion without imbalancing the financial status thus making the business run more effectively.   When we start this business … Continue reading

Change Is necessary for Growth

QNET has always trained its IR’s to adapt to change in order to excel in the business. One of the QNET blogger’s have shared its view points over the importance of Change, and why one should not resist to adapt it. Change happens for good and teaches new things is what the article speaks about. … Continue reading

Know more about VCON

VCON is an event organised by QNET for the IR’s and others associated with them. It is a platform where the success stories and experiences of the members is shared and helps in inspiring the new IR’s.  One of the QNET IR’s have penned down his thoughts and experience about VCON in this article.   … Continue reading

The Building Blocks that will help find Success in Network Marketing

QNET has proven to be one of the successful direct selling companies in network marketing that has benefited several people transform their lives. This article has been shared by one of QNET IR’s who wishes to share more of his knowledge about network marketing and how n individual is suppose to approach in order to … Continue reading


SMC is one of the distance learning educational products offered by QNET to enhance an individual’s knowledge base as well. The QNET IR shares the details about the university, its benefits, courses and admission processes. Read the blog to know the credentials of SMC University. Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA) Founded in 1985, SMC … Continue reading

Dare to realise your dreams with qnet

The trials and tribulations of corporate work culture are taking a toll on individual’s personal life. Here is one of the QNET IR explaining the benefits of getting associated with QNET. How a person’s lifestyle changes and how he can smoothly manage his professional and personal life without compromisations is what this article talks about. … Continue reading

16 Insights from Dragon Den about QNET.

QNET has become a great platform for people to get associated and avail the benefits provided as an Independent Representative. In this article an IR has shared the insights that will help an individual clear their thoughts about QNET and its functions. Ask anyone you know what the best way to secure a stable financial … Continue reading

Learn about Multi Level Marketing!

Multi level marketing or Network Marketing companies like QNET are helping people trust MLM schemes. This article from one of QNet IR will help you understand Multi level marketing schemes, how they function and benefit both the company and the people associated with it.   Network Marketing or Multi level marketing or MLM is a … Continue reading

How Repeat Sales Help any Business Retain in market

Repeat sales play an important role in any Business for its better survival in the market. Here is a short article  by one of the IRs, about Repeat Sales Policy (RSP) and how  it has helped QNet Business Model to grow and retain. What is the most essential element or factor which determines the constant … Continue reading