Know more about VCON

VCON is an event organised by QNET for the IR’s and others associated with them. It is a platform where the success stories and experiences of the members is shared and helps in inspiring the new IR’s.  One of the QNET IR’s have penned down his thoughts and experience about VCON in this article.


Welcome Home…

is the usual way The-V greets us when we reach KL or the VCON Venue. And in no lesser way, it is indeed our Home away from Home.

Its been a pleasurable 6 months+ being a Qnet Blogger. It is time to return the favour to all my Readers, Dato and The-V. My only agenda to write a blog is to share my knowledge & experience to help you all to  reach your goals, especially Financial Freedom. With this blog too, I am attempting to take you to another level or to share a platform with the new IRs, my extended brothers & sisters.

The 1st step in this business is not just your 1st Cheque, but VCON – Something that you cant imagine, something that will give you a brand new Belief level. A place where you can see the World’s biggest Networkers, Qnet Founders & Qnet Multi-Millionaires, all under One Roof. A celebration of success, an extravaganza not known to the aliens of outside worlds…
Come, visit the amazing Qi Towers, a real concrete structure, the Symbol of your dreams. meet you fellow Networkers from all across the Globe, watch, dance, listen, believe, see the magic happen!!!

I still remember my 1st Vcon (2011) in Malaysia, which made me cry when I first saw Dato and all 10,000 who only wanted success for each other. My mind wanted to sleep, Heart wanted to live the moment and 10,000 people helped my heart to win over my mind and the memory still mesmerizes me to no limits…

Shouts of The-V from the Chief & the Human wave created only by Dato himself, the aggressiveness of the-V Tiger Ranjit Singh, the heart touching smile of Donna Imson, the evergreen Smile of Adley Hassan, the awesome awesome super sexy sarcasm of Sathi Senathirajah, the Attitude of Joseph Bismark, the simplicity of Kuna Senathirajah, and ofcourse the India’s gorgeous Grand upline Mr. Arun Geroge, the amazing Padma and everyone from the-V… you have TO BE THERE TO BELIEVE IT, TO SEE IT.

This is probably the only event/place/planet in the universe where a pride of Multi-Millionaires will be more than willing to serve you, to get you water, to welcome you when you enter the arena, to greet you with a smile, to help you with anything you want, the awesomest  INSERVICE BROTHERHOOD!!!

And the most amazing moments when I always run to get the Millionaire’s seat, the front row seats, or the best I can get for me & my Team. the shouts of Solitaire, Infinity, Unstoppable, Amoeba, Faith, Golden Pi, Oceans, Titans, etc Whoa!!! CRAZY I tell you…

And ayways, have you ever met the World’s Best Bowler, a Cricket LEGEND, Qnet brand Ambassador Mr.Muttiah Muralitharan ? No. Well this is the place you get to meet n greet him, PERSONALLY 😉

Welcome to the most Amazing multi-cultural gathering of all, where there is only one religion full of love and harmony, all countries of the World United as One – THE-V (WE as in all of us)

BE THERE, Lets Meetup 🙂
VCON aids others in sharing their personal experiences, amazing stories, dreams, visions, that will surely give you food to think. QNET is making attempts to help its IR’s gain the maximum benefit from the business model.

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