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Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA)

Founded in 1985, SMC University is Switzerland’s largest and most international Business School, ranked among the world’s top ranked institutions. The university is headquartered in Zug with campuses in Zurich and Vienna. It is a member of the Academic Council of the United Nations Systems and Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB).- SMC is accredited by the European Council of Business Education (ECBE) in Europe. It is also accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) in the US – an official national accreditation body recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). SMC is accredited by the ACBSP for many degree programs.

– Ranked 1st in Switzerland, 5th in Europe and 15th in the world by the Financial Times Online MBAs Rankings. It is placed amongst the top 1% of universities in the world in its field.

– Newsweek has rated SMC as one of the leading, most innovative, and most international universities in the world.


Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA) :

The Accelerated Online BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a focused distance learning business-degree program that develops a thorough understanding of business in its manifold aspects. Delivered via eLearning it is ideal for candidates with practical experience who do not possess the appropriate academic qualifications, aiming to obtain them by expanding and formalizing knowledge in the various fields of business. The program is strongly oriented towards practical application, rather than theory. It is a combination of academic content adapted for the experienced working professional, coupled with extensive academic and industry related exposure. Graduates of this program may advance into SMC’s accredited online MBA program. 

Admission Criteria
SMC University welcomes qualified applicants with no discrimination towards their gender, age, cultural, ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds. Distance learning candidates are admitted on a continuous basis, admission procedures are free of charge.
Admission at Swiss Management Center sets minimum criteria which have been designed to identify applicants who have sound academic potential and who show creativity, critical thinking, social and moral values, evidence of English language proficiency and strong motivation. 

I’ve decided to take the Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA). What do I do next?After deciding to enrol in the Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA), you can purchase the course and pay your tuition fee in your eStore.
After payment is made, download an online application form from your Virtual Office and fill in the necessary information. Apart from your application form, you will need to provide the following documents to SMC:
-A scanned copy of your High School Diploma from a state-recognised school
-A scanned copy of your proficiency in English test result is welcomed by not mandatory (TOEFL or similar tests)
-A scanned copy of your passport
Once your enrolment is submitted, SMC will review your application within a timeframe of 6-10 days upon receipt and approval of all relevant documents. If you have been accepted, you will get an official reply from SMC via email.

If for whatever reasons you are not accepted into the Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA) programme, you can apply for a cash refund within seven (7) daysfrom rejection date.



Enrollment is ongoing; the programs can be studied at anywhere, at any time, and any pace. The Degree takes the student approximately 1 year of study.

Getting an Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA) from SMC University also paves your way directly into SMC University’s MBA, which is ranked amongst the best in the world.

For more Info & Admissions CONTACT: 

Mobile: +91 9819298987
BBM: 27FE237C
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