QNET teaches the art of chilling while working

“All work and no play  makes Jack a dull boy” is what one of the QNET IR is trying to explain through this article. How QNET has made it possible for the IR’s to follow their passion without imbalancing the financial status thus making the business run more effectively.


When we start this business we come on board with a commitment that we shall devote all our spare time (the time that we have over the regular job and other daily chores) into this business. As we understand that it is a small sacrifice for 3 to 4 years if we want to have all time in the world after that for the rest of our lives. All the time to do whatever we love doing. However it is we all also that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and this same theory applies in this business as well.

Let me share one of my experiences, photography is my passion, it relaxes me and makes me content. When I had started this business I devoted all my time in Qnet and had totally ignored photography. That showed in my work, I was working hard but it was ineffective. We all know in the end the results matter.

One day my upline Juhi called me and said ‘lets talk’. She asked me that why was I doing this business? I said to get financial freedom. Then she asked me why do I want financial freedom? I said so that I could do what I love doing… Photography, travel around the world doing so. Then she said so why aren’t you doing it now? What stops you? I was dumbstruck. I had no answer to that. Then she continued and said ‘wake up in the morning and forget about everything else, take your camera and go out, do photography of whatever you like. Because that’s what makes you happy. Everyone should do that one thing everyday that makes them happy and content. Because when one is happy and at peace in the mind, that’s when the best work happens.

That was the best thing I had ever heard. I started doing it and guess what it significantly improved my performance in the business. As I was happy and content and relaxed I was doing a much better job. So that day I learnt it’s of a paramount importance that one should follow his or her heart, do that one thing that completes you. Or do that one thing that scares you or you won’t usually do, holding yourself back thinking what others might think of you. Then see how your attitude towards your work changes completely.

The best way to relax is to hang out with your business associates after a long day of work. What that does is you end up having lots of fun, you get closer to the people who you work with and also create a strong bond or a relationship and understanding. After all the business is all about connecting with people, isn’t it.

We mostly hang out in our upline’s place end of the day, singing, dancing, cracking jokes, pulling each others legs. We watch movies together. Whenever we go to a movie we are always in a group of 20 to 30 people. It’s so much fun like that.

I can also safely say that I’ve learnt more more about this business and how to be an entrepreneur in a true sense by hanging out with my upline’s in non shop hours.

People usually think that we are crazy but hey, this business is all about being crazy. Being normal (as they call it) didn’t get me anywhere in life where I wanted to. Time to try crazy. So far so good. So be crazy, have lots of fun, enjoy your work in Qnet.

This principal has helped QNET succeed in the MLM sector and have its IR gain maximum benefit from the business. Thus if you want to have fun at work than QNET is the right place.


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