The magic of VCON!!

VCON is one of the biggest event held by QNet where the IRs from different places participate and also learn more about QNet, its products, and other’s experiences. Here is one of the QNet IR sharing his experience about the event and the end results through this blog.

I remember half of my stake money was used for VCON registration and tickets. When I questioned this, my upline said that even if we had to use all my stake money for VCON it would be worth it. I never understood it then.

When I reached VCON venue I was mesmerised, it was the biggest event or business or cross culture festival that I had ever seen. Someone mentioned that it was second biggest business event after UN (United Nations events). There were about ten thousand people from 80 odd countries. Waving their countries flags, wearing their countries traditional costume, singing songs, dancing and enjoying. Boy! Was I impressed!

VCON is one experience which can’t be described in words. On the second day I was very sleepy and drowsy as I had not slept for more than couple of hours in last few days. Then came VP Ferdie Tolentino to share his journey. He is a Filipino and I am an Indian, absolutely different upbringing, culture and thinking but I don’t know what happened, I wasmso connected with him that tears began rolling down my face as he continued his sharing. It felt as if he was telling my life’s story that I had never realised before.

From that moment on I never felt a tiny bit sleepy. It was like I have awaken from a long slumber.

Then there was of course Tobin’s sharing. Tobin is someone who doesn’t speak a word of English so when he was sharing there was a translator who would translate every word of what he would say. At one point I can tell you that no one was listening to the translator. Our heart was so connected to his that we understood whatever he was saying. There wasn’t one single person who didn’t cry when finished. Now that’s the magic of VCON.

I am not gonna tell you that it might change your life but I know it will.

The joy of meeting your favourite leaders, Dato’s words, Chief’s charismatic personality. You will cry, you will laugh, you will come back a different person.

QNet has always shown confidence and faith in its working and even the members have shown the same amount of faith in the company to earn regular remunerations. Qnet is thankful to its IRs for helping it generate good revenue and strong member base every passing day.


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