How Smart financial management helps to be consistent in business

How to manage your operational costs in order to be a content and successful QNet IR has been discussed in the following blog. Read the tips given by one of our IR who is providing guidance on how to manage your accounts when associated with QNet so that one doesn’t face any financial problems at the later stage.

In this blog I am going to share something very very important, something that had been always ignored, never talked about & the reason of fast disappearing enthusiasm among the new IRs in your business. Here in I am going to tell you a secret, secret about how to be consistent in the business. Read on..

I always thought like you all that, motivation & will are enough to let a man cross the finish line, especially in Network Marketing. It is not. We say that consistency is the key, but without hands you cannot use the key. We had always been told the half truth, and the reason is not that they want to hide it from us, but bcoz most people cant hear the truth! The whole truth is that mere signup money is not enough to start your network marketing business or any other business.

In Network Marketing, most of us who are serious about our Dreams take up the opportunity full time and it is the right thing to do. The problem arises when we are not consistently earning cheques every week and suddenly we start feeling the heat – Coffee bills, Travel expenses, House rent / maintenance, Sustaining current lifestyle, etc. This all happens not because we are not earning cheques, but because we never focused on something called as – OPERATIONAL COST.

Most of us make the mistake of thinking that mere signing up in Qnet or any Network Marketing business will take our worries away, but behold, it dsnt happen just like that! not to most of us! Talking about an average person like you & me, we are, lets say – slow! And we dont easily make marginal progress in a NM biz in atleast 3-6 months, and mostly the reason is we get irritated with all the responsibilities & daily expenses while not making Money.
Here is the solution – Right Now, while reading this, DECIDE. BE SMART. PLAN.

1) Create a 2nd bank account.
2) In which you should deposit atleast a $1000 within next 1 month, anyhow, from anywhere.
3) Use it as your operational cost for business, for – coffee, travel, etc.
4) Make sure that every month end, this account should have a min balance of $1000. Refill it, if its less.

5) Work to increase it to $2000 within next 3 months, easy I guess.
6) Make sure you refill it every month end so that it stays at $2000.
7) Use this extra money for your Team or V-Events like LDCs & VCON.
8) Never, Ever, Ever, let this account go below $2000.

9) Whatever you earn above $2000 is your money, Enjoy.

If you keep this in mind & you divide your expenses into two, i.e, 1) Household expenses & 2) Biz Operation Cost, and never using one for the another, you’ll have a win-win situation.
Yes, this might not be a secret, but common knowledge, which traditional businessmen know very well & its time to think like a Businessman. So START NOW to build an account, to run your business till you MAXOUT.
All the best. CHEERS.

NOTE : To create an easy Operational Cost balance, a part-time job is a good option if the stupid perks of it cant hypnotize you! Taking a small loan and in case of a couple, one can do a job and another can take this full time, etc. There are so many options, go & create abundance. 🙂

The evolution of the company since its inception in 1998 lays emphasis on the constant development of this network marketing company and its progress towards becoming the phenomenal network marketing giant that it is today.

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  1. Hey bro thanks for sharing these important guidelines to manage the finances at the initial stage for an IR. Since I am associated with QNET these tips by you are of great help for me. Thank you once again. Keep sharing such articles 🙂

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