Why People do not enjoy Delayed Gratification!

QNet is considered to be one of the leading MLM company. Network marketing and MLM are a practice of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with customary online or offline marketing methods. Read here what one of the QNet IR has to say about it.

Delayed gratification has been pushed aside by instant gratification in society. And although it’s not a surpriseful fact, it is still not the way it should be. Consumerism and other trends want us to buy into this way of living, but this is not the road of personal evolution. We are tempted to buy something that we don’t need and often detrimental to our health. We prefer going out instead of being productive. It’s not that fun is bad or you can’t have a cheat day in your diet once a week, no. That would be crazy. So would be the opposite of it. Which is actually happening in many cases.

Yes, we are heavily manipulated by the media but we still have free will. Many people get into debt, cannot spare money for something important or cannot acquire the body of their dreams. Sometimes people use instant gratification to mask their pain too that is by far not a solution to any situation.In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech he held at a graduation ceremony,he said that there’s always somebody out there working hard and getting better while you are partying. What a slap in the face! Of course, it was meant to be a warning because this is something you should be aware of. Schwarzenegger was somebody who practiced delayed gratification big time, and look at his achievements. Someone would not do that much in two lifetimes.

Every human being should live with purpose, have goals and set other goals once their previous one has been attained. There’s a phrase for that sounding like this: “You should always keep yourself mentally broke”. We are here to create something and creation does take time. But ideally – if you are heading into the right direction according to your preferences – it is the journey that makes you feel the best, not the destination. We are simply wired like that. When you arrive “the sugar highs off”. That means, you are virtually living gratification during the process of delayed gratification and at the same time you are getting ahead in life. Instant gratification is short-lasting and does not get you anywhere except farther from your dreams.

It takes a practice of delayed gratification to build a business, to get in shape, get a degree, learn to play a sport and so forth. It takes the practice of instant gratification to eat a cake, get drunk or stay home before the television.

Define what you want! Pursue it, and do not get sidetracked! Period.

Hence to conclude one has to work hard and be dedicated and determined to reap sweet fruits. That is the mantra of becoming a successful QNet IR and enjoying the benefits.


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