How QNET’s UNITED Teams helped encourage its IRs in Turkey

Independent Representatives (IR’s) have been a pillar in QNET’s success. QNET keeps organizing different events, which can help IRs network and learn more about the business. The company with the help of UNITED Teams have managed to inspire its IRs work with dedication and earn maximum benefits. UNITED Teams held a motivational workshop for its IRs to inspire them to work hard and help themselves succeed.

On Friday, May 24, 2013 UNITED teams gathered in scenic Antalya, Turkey, for three success-filled days of training and inspiration. UNITED teams is a conglomeration of individual teams, which market and distribute QNET products. The event was organized by UNITED teams chairman VPn Dr. Motaz Qais.
Over 600 Independent Representatives (IRs) from different teams joined forces and came together at the 5-star Maritim Pine Beach Resort to learn from leaders, gain invaluable insights, share their successes, and ultimately grow their businesses. The IRs in attendance came from many different countries, including Syria, Libya, Iraq, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, among various others.
Top leaders who are responsible for guiding IRs to new levels of success were also present, among them, VPn Dr. Motaz Qais, AVP Mohannad Qais, VC Mehdi Aflaki, and AVPn Yassir Khamis. Much to the excitement of the crowd, VP Rosemarie Glenn also graced the event with her presence. OBTAINER Founder Michael Sander also received an invitation to attend the event and hold a training.
Each day successful distributors were welcomed on stage to share their journey to success and share their words of wisdom with those present. Gulya Zurgambayeva from Kazakhstan, for example, took to the stage and explained how she had built up her organization and with thanks to QNET recently realised one of her biggest dreams; becoming the owner of a luxurious Bentley car! Ardak Duisenova, also from Kazakhstan, shared a similar story stating how QNET had enabled her to begin a family business and become the owner of a BMW X6 – her dream car.
Inspiring trainings were also held by the top leaders. VC Yasir, AVP Mohannad and AVP Dr. Motaz sought to motivate the crowd speaking about dreams, encouraging each and every one of the IRs present to visualize their dreams and focus on making these dream a reality. VP Rosemarie Glenn spoke about obstacles that can hinder one’s path to success and offered ways to overcome such obstacles. Michael Sander was also invited onstage and gave a powerful training on ‘the Power of You’. Positive energy literally seemed to emanate from the entire event as IRs focused on the positives and put all negativity to one side.
During the informative event OBTAINER also had the opportunity to interview successful IRs and IRs who are showing promising signs of achieving success in the near future. OBTAINER will bring you these insightful interviews soon.
UNITED teams training camp in Antalya Turkey was an utter success and IRs left with newfound enthusiasm, desire, and determination to achieve their dreams and think big!


The achievements and accomplishments have made QNET one of the most sought after companies. It has helped people in attaining their dreams. ‘Network of success’ is the most apt words to describe the work of this MLM enterprise.


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