Alexander Herr’s discusses QNET’s way to success

Do you want to know how Independent Representatives of QNET have been able to earn a four- figure salary every month? Alexander Herr shares the secret of success and how it will help others who are part or wish to join QNET.


“Never change a winning system” – true to this motto, Alexander Herr will continue to work according to his personal recipe for success and also in the future will host nationwide two-day training sessions and events every four weeks. Alexander Herr knows that this approach works and in this way was able to help several hundred people in the last 36 months to earn a four-figure monthly income.
And also with QNET, it is exactly this working method that makes the company and especially its sales partners so successful. Personal dialogue, several personal 1-on-1 presentations a day, a major event once per month and an international team event every couple of months are the foundation of the success. The business works on this basis and with the simple duplication of this system.

Anyone interested in QNET and who wants to establish a successful business with the Asian MLM giant should make note of June 1, 2013, because Alexander Herr will host a key event in Frankfurt am Main on this day.

“In Frankfurt, I will identify the people who will build the QNET business with me in Germany,” Alexander Herr told us. “That is where the future top earners of my organization will meet. I am again inviting everyone, regardless of whether you belong to the 8,000 pre-registered partners or are first wanting to join. In Frankfurt, we will write the first page of a completely new success story!”

If you would like to contact Alexander Herr directly and receive more information about his QNET organization and QNET in Europe, you can reach him by e-mail ( or via Skype ( – See more at:


QNET has been striving hard to let its Independent Representatives earn a great deal of money. IRs have been content with their work and this is because of the efforts put by them and their hard work.

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