Repeat Sales- The core of any business

The success of a business is not only measured in profits. Values that people learn from the trade, new techniques developed, new products introduced, etc. are the many other by-products of a successful business. QNET is known for innovation, uniqueness and taking risks. By doing so, we have found many new tips and tricks of business which one QNET member is more than happy to share it with everyone,

“What is the most essential element or factor which determines the constant growth in a business? Some would say market acquisition or opening new verticals etc. Well I think the most important thing is retaining a market. Acquiring a market is easy but the most difficult thing is retain it in today’s cut throat competitive market. And thats where RSP (Repeat Sales Points) comes in picture.

Remember when we talk to people in our business or when someone asks us what do we do… this is what we tell them isn’t it.. that we ‘acquire the captive market and retain it for the life time’.

Now what is RSP? From every sale of repeat products to retail customers or direct referrals, the direct referrer up to three (3) levels will earn the designated points which can be converted into either cash or Business Volume (BV). Repeat sales point are easily computed and you can easily manage them in your virtual office.

Qualifying products that are purchased ONLY once. These products, if bought after you register to become an Independent Representative, allow you to take part in the business opportunity. While the Repeat purchase products that can be purchased one time as well or every one, two, three, six or twelve months.

About RSP products, I cant choose between them.. I love all of them..

Wellness products from the Amezcua brand like the Bio Disc 2 can last up to 15 years. Holiday membership packages from QVI and Q-Breaks can last from 5 years upwards to 30 years. Some of the Watches and Jewelry collections from the Bernhard H. Mayer brand are produced in limited quantity which would put you in an elite circle of owner and also have your product gain in value over time, Education packages from the Swiss eLearning Institute offer flexible courses for the man/woman on the go.

Repeat sales is a backbone of any business there’s no doubt about it. However best part about being in Qnet is Repeat Sales is one 8 ways earn handsomely and legally.”

People tend to take certain things for granted in business. This can prove fatal over the long run as business is built on the trust of loyal customers which are ensured by repeat sales. QNET is devoted to its customers and will always be, leaving no stone unturned in bringing the best offerings for its customers.


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