Look at life from a different perspective

Everything that QNET does is aimed at inspiring change for the good. QNET wishes to do what is in the best interest of its members. VCON is one such event that QNET is proud to host because it has been a life changing experience for many people all over the world. One member shares her experiences at VCON,

“A lot of things happened for the first time in my life because of Vcon. I traveled outside my country, saw 8000 different people from 35 different countries in an arena for the first time.

Vcon is full of life changing conversations and paradigm shifts that uplift your mind and soul. It was the first time I had the priveledge of listening to my role model, VP Donna Imson. Till now I used to see her on my vision board everyday. She spoke about the Fish tank.

She shared, that there is a very unique fish. This fish, would grow according its environment. So if its out in small bowl, it will remain small. However, in a pool it will become as big as a Dolphin or more, and in an environment as large as the sea – its would become as big as the blue whale.

We are also like this fish, Donna said. We grow – according to our fish tank size, which is our thoughts, our dreams and our beliefs. Ever since that day, I have been increasing my fish tank. Its not about the fish, its about the fish tank in this case. With a company as great as ours, the BIG fish – will eat the small fish doesnt exist. The culture is that the BIG fish will teach the small fish – how to THINK like a BIG fish.

This Vcon, while 10000 hearts resonate in the vibes of the RYTHM nation, I pray that fish tank of every participant increases. We go back and discover the giant within, with a fish tank as large as the ocean, and full of love, courage and compassion. So, honestly, from my heart to yours, its ok if you are broke today, remember wherever you are coming from, you are broke but brave enough to make it to Vcon. Like my mentor said, broke is different from poor, broke is temporary – poor is a state of mind – and in this context its the state of our fish tank. Make the most of these 5 days.

Once the fish tank increases, the bank balance will follow.”


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