VCON – A watering hole of knowledge!

In network marketing, a gathering in which members from all over the world come together, is the biggest it can get. QNET’s VCON is one such gathering where all its members come together to share knowledge and gain valuable insight in the business that they do. One QNET member shares his insight on VCON,

“Once the eagle finish soaring, it goes back to his net.

Once the lion finish parading in the savannah it returns to his den.

Once the farmer finishes a year, he celebrates with his family.

Once the athlete finishes the race, he returns to the restroom.

Once a father/Mother finishes a whole day of hard work, he/she returns home enjoying with his/her family.So when the IR of QNET finishes a year of race and hard work, he goes to VCON…

For this year the VCON will be held in Malaysia. (A destination you need to visit before you die). I can take a whole day talking about Malaysia. Let us be focus on the VCON.

What are the benefits of attending VCON?

  Pleasure to see new thing and meet new people:  Travelling has many benefit you can list but the most important in our job “networking” is new opportunity to meet new people. Networking is a contact sport. Always keeps in mind (RULE 3). Many IR isn’t performing quite well because they don’t value the importance of travelling, changing area more often… QNET is an art of good life.    

Time to learn more: the VCON is a sort of platform where the company mastermind teaches new thing, shares their experience. Opportunity is given to everyone to ask question. It is true that we do read post, watch video on V Channels, visit leader’s website but hear them in live is an experience to pass through.

Time of rededication: one of the key of our business is to be focus, committed and dedicated.  Throughout the year, we experience many challenges and sometimes discouragement or laziness does slip in. The VCON it’s where you recharge your batteries, you heal your mind from any doubts and misconception. You go deeper in yourself and your business (I can’t explain it; you have to do the experience by yourself. See you at the next VCON)

 Time of exchange: an African proverb says “except the frog dives in warm water it will not know that there are two kind of water”. It’s sure you don’t know all! VCON is the best opportunity to interact with IR from all countries. Consider the way they work and doing in their different countries. There is always something new to grab from exchanging with fellow IR. QNET is not magic if you don’t ask you won’t know.

Time to refresh your dream:  At VCON you will hear amazing story, dream, vision, plan to take dominion of your market (your country)… that will surely give you food to think.

Those who attend VCON can easily add to this list. What I suggest you  is  to attend the next one. Plan ahead. Go there with all your team.

I daydream about the VLONDON 2016 in United Kingdom at the O2 ARENA. So shall it be!!!”


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