QNET vs Wikipedia

The internet is a store house of information. Now-a-days, you can find information on about everything that you can imagine, on the internet. But it is not guaranteed that whatever information you find will be 100% true. Manipulating information on the net is very easy. One QNET members highlights one con of the internet focusing on Wikipedia in particular.

“Enough had been written about QNET by me, so I’ll directly move on how authentic is the source that gives you information about almost everything on this planet, read on…

I strongly dispute the credibility of the Wikipedia entry on Qnet. But we can’t do much about it: Wikipedia’s policy does not allow a company representative, a PR agency or anyone with a stake in the matter to edit entries. We have lodged a complaint with Wikipedia administrators about the heavily bias of the entry and a debate has been opened up on their ‘Neutral Point of view’ notice board.

Please also note that Wikipedia is not considered an authentic source of information. Wikipedia is a public forum where anyone, even you can edit an entry. Unfortunately this has led to numerous quality problems for the portal which its founder Jimmy Wales admits himself. This has been acknowledged by leading media including the New York Times.

Disparaging information about Qnet must be accurate, because it’s in the Wikipedia entry. Wikipedia had put up a very biased post that presents QNET as a negative Company & fails to deliver a neutral source of information to the world. Pity.”

This is the real state of the internet these days. QNET uses the internet in a positive way to connect its members and expand its business activities but people somehow find a way to misuse the internet.


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