Prospecting- How to do it right!

Doing things the right way can open many new doors of opportunities for you. Many a times, people lose out on good chances because they don’t start a conversation right or they fail to understand the other person. One QNET members shares the do’s and don’ts of Prospecting,

“Prospecting is a process and not an event. It happens all the time – either you are prospecting people or people are prospecting you. Prospecting has to be simply done by you; no one else can do it on your behalf.

Prospecting means meeting people with no agenda or talking to find out if they are open to look at something new. It is a result of what you think about the business & if there is a conflict in your mind about the business, nothing will work. You need to know your destination before discussing the business with others.

Your warm zone can be one of the greatest resources to your business.Dealing with family and friends can be a blessing or a curse, but if you want your family and friends to continue to respect you, give you referrals, be your customer, and possibly say “yes” to your presentation, can give a try these simple tips when working with your warm zone (consult up lines first)



Hold your tongue

Don’t ever insult someone for his or her decision not to participate with you in your business. Don’t tell someone they’re stupid for not doing business with you. It’s unprofessional and out of place.


Be wise

“No” rarely means no. If you’ve made a fool out of yourself, not only will he not do the business, he will beat you to all of your friends and tell them about the “scam” you’re in. All of this because “you told him” how stupid he was. That’s not wise.


Deal with it 

We all deal with objections, concerns, past failures, bad experiences, etc., which teach us how to successfully handle these issues.Once the trust is established you’ve got them for life or until you decide to stop servicing their needs.


Yes or No

Some prospects just take one conversation to be won and some prospects take 10 conversations. (Nine of those conversations resulted in a “No” answer even though “No” was never stated.) If you take the thought process as being that either the prospect says “Yes” or “No,” then you’ll miss the art of communication and networking. Find out exactly what your prospects are truly saying “No” to.


Don’t be a bug 

Do not ever “bug” family and friends about your company.Focus is what creates “eliteness.” Just be disciplined as to what and who deserves that focus. If it’s a friend or family member who clearly isn’t interested, quit wasting time there and go get in front of people who do want to be a part of your business or a product consumer.


Your warm market is an important part of your business. Abuse it and pretty soon you’ll notice they don’t return your phone calls anymore. Keep these rules in mind and you will see that you can have a successful business and keep the respect of your family and friends. Relationships Matter Most!”


Doing things the right way will get you to places. QNET has always been there to support its members, just follow these simple steps and march on the road to success.


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