The Importance of Money

Many people say that Money isn’t important; it is just a “Thing” and nothing more. Well, in true sense, money is very important aspect in each and everyone’s life. If you observe your surrounding closely, you’ll see that each and every one of them is doing some or the other activity related to Money. One QNET member has writing the following blog article showing the importance of money and how it blends into our daily life,

“Money is the 2nd most important thing, 1st is Oxygen.” ~Rohit Chourasia

Lets say If money makes one greedy and people dont work for money, do you know about a single satisfied person on this planet apart from the Hermits living in Himalayas?

There is none. Everybody wants to be more happy, more wealthy or rich, wants to learn more, wants to be more creative, wants to go globe trotting, wants to research something, wants to have more, and more… etc etc etc.

The bottom-line is all of the above things involve money, directly or indirectly.

Then why most of the people lie that they do not work for money or they dont want money?
The answer is very simple – The Society. A society where earning money is a compulsion but talking about money is a Taboo. So what people do! they talk about ‘jobs’ ‘career’ ‘success’ – words that were created to hide the flaws this society possess. This society created FEAR among its people so that they talk only what suits their status quo. In the name of family respect and status, a child is without choice forced & influxed into a programme that programmes a child for next 20-25 years with creative input of ‘how to work for others’, instead of teaching them ‘how to think’, sadly they are PROGRAMMED. this programme is completed successfully by using the magic of fear upon a child, which later on developes into Cowardice of not taking risks, talking lies and not accepting truth. The RESULT – A man with functionalities of a Zombie.

My motive to write this Blog is to highlight these flaws & let you have the knowledge & power to learn to speak truth & accept it as it is.

We live in a society which is (you like it or not) – Driven by money. Those who control it, control everything around. And those who dont have it, dont have any control over their own life.
Accepting this society means accepting the flaws it has, and one such flaw is ‘Money’, the god of our 99% problems caused due to lack of it.

“Those who say money cant buy happiness, dont know where to shop.”   ~Rohit Chourasia

Why not think of becoming Rich in 4-5 years & living rest of your life following your Dreams, giving all the time to your family & friends, helping people live a better life, letting your child become what he wants to what we cudnt!!! Live this life, but first you must accept the facts around you, accept money as an extension to your body and Live a life without REGRETS.

QNET Opportunity is one such rare gift to mankind by Dato Vijay Eswaran & Japadas Bismark, which gives you a CHANCE of becoming Financially Free within 4-5 yrs of time…
EMBRACE IT WITH OPEN ARMS and live your Dreams.

Look at the world around you guys, from your Education to your cell phone, from your shiny leather shoes to your exclusive shirt – it all costs MONEY! You are doing a Job for MONEY, you need MONEY to get your basic needs – Roti, Kapda aur Makan (Food, Clothing & Shelter). Be it Khandala or Switzerland, you need MONEY to visit, even if you want to see it in a movie you need MONEY only.

Dont be a HYPOCRITE! ACCEPT the REALITY which you are already living in…

Dont let someone else shape your Dreams…


No matter how hard you try, you cannot accept the fact that Money is a very important thing in our daily life. QNET tries its level best to give the best opportunity to its members to earn good deal of money as well as give ample time to them to do what they love.


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