Importance of Associations

One can make out a lot about a person from the company they keep. What a person is depends on how the individual reacts with others in the society and what kinds of friends he has. The people associated with QNET know that we love spreading “love” around. Positivity brings efficiency is what QNET firmly believes in. One member has a wonderful blog article to share,

“Being a part of Qnet and being with my team there is no room left for demotivation. One is always surrounded by good, positive and happy people. Just being with them, spending time with them and looking at their success is motivating enough. And if one is still not motivated by all these factors then he or she is in a wrong place at the wrong time.

As a team we make sure that we meet up everyday and share our values and experience. We call it being in the association. The power of association is such that it can turn a non believer into a very strong believer. I am in fact the product of association. When I joined I was extremely lazy and clueless about this business. However I would experience a strange but very good kind of energy in the group which would always make me feel better and happy. Seeing others doing their activity and listening to seniors when they are addressing the team or talking to someone personally has filled me up with enough knowledge, faith and believe about this business and Qnet that I could take on anyone today who talks negative about business. I have no inhibitions and fear left to talk to strangers about it.

Another extremely motivating factor is system. System is as we call it “our refueling center”. If one is feeling down or is demotivated we just make sure that he or she attends the system. In the system when that person see hundreds of people happy and dancing like no one’s watching them, having fun followed by very inspirational training or sharing by one of the senior partners is a definite recharge for anyone.

There are also books and DVD’s to fall back to if one is feeling down or demotivated. We sometime as a team gather at our upline’s house and watch a inspirational movie or a funny movie together which I personally think is a very effective way to uplift someone morally and gives a personal touch as well. What it does is, it gives the person assurance that we are there for each other as a team, as a family and as friends. And we are gonna finish the journey together, you are not alone.

Also there are regular interactions, meetings and sharing from our grand upline’s like Dev, Sharfun, Sachin Gupta, Bijoy Matthews, Rahul Asani, Raasikaa, Tanaz, Juhi etc and seeing their success and determination is the biggest motivating factor. If they can, so can we, coz they got our back. Recently NSS happened in Mumbai where Chief, Sathi and Japa came down themselves and addressed us, made us laugh with their witty sense of humor, taught us, trained us, motivated us and charged us all up with their positive aura.

Things like this keeps happening. And the mother of all… VCON takes place every year.

Now even if all these things dont motivate one then there’s always one person around who never fails to motivate you is your 24/7 helpline (I call it lifeline) better known as UPLINE.

Like I said before if you are part of Qnet, there’s no room for demotivation and negativity. Qnet is not just a business its the way of life.”

If the people around you are positive, you will feel positive. Develop yourself in such a way that people are proud of being associated with you. Set a good example of yourself so that others are motivated to be just like you.


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