Let the Good Happen

Good things come to those who wait, but also to those who genuinely want good things to happen. QNET has given this valuable tip to its members that never force anyone to join the business. Just show them the facts and be completely honest to them, leave the rest to the business and the instincts of the person. QNET has always spread such valuable tips and here is what a member has to say after implying these tips in real life,

“In my journey so far not just in this business but also in life, what I’ve learnt is the best way to win back a sleeping down line or anyone in your life is to keep in touch, be humble and never hurt anyone’s ego.

Just like believing in God can’t be forced, one can take someone to the church or a temple but can’t force them to pray. Same with this project one can’t force someone to work on this unless the belief comes from within about the business. The best thing to do is call the person every once a week and find out how one is doing. What’s going on in his life etc. Try not to talk about business all the time and keep pointing out and questioning “why aren’t you doing it?” if we do that eventually one will stop picking up our calls and start avoiding.

As my mentor Juhi Rai Farmania tells us to put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand what’s going on in their head. Be a friend and try to help them come out of the situation. Invite them for system; make sure they don’t miss a system. Tell them lets go to system together, it’ll be so much fun and also we’ll end up learning something new. And leave everything to system it will eventually pull them back.

The key is to never leave their hand. Remember it’s not important how soon you finish the journey, but what really matters is you finish the journey.”

This explains a lot of the things what QNET is all about. A good sales man isn’t the one who forces you to buy the product, but a good salesman is the one who convinces you to buy the product. Similarly, a QNET member will never force anyone to join, but will share the facts and the knowledge with the person and leave the rest to them.


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