Do what you love, Love what you do

The current job market is so competitive that people take up whatever job they get, just to survive in this demanding world. They give up on their dreams easily and don’t go for the things they love to do. QNET offers a wonderful opportunity to earn sufficient money and also allow their members to do what they love. People can work with QNET on one hand and pursue what they love on the other. Here is what one happy members has to say on this,

“I was surfing the web just the other day when I landed on a blog in which some “Anonymous” person left a comment that asked what would happen to all the jobs if everyone who joined the network marketing profession quit theirs just because they where earning more income from the direct selling profession? Are people that frightened of what their opinions would say about their character? Well I thought it was a valid question and today I wish to share my insights to anyone who has ever had that question pop up in their minds!

First of all, I would like to say that I totally understand why this question would pop into people’s minds. I too thought of it when I was first introduced to the concept of network marketing. You see, when you are brought up in a society that enforces the rule that you HAVE to pass your exams and HAVE to look for a good paying job, the idea that you can make a living any other way is a tough pill to swallow. Even for me in the beginning. It took me reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki for my mindset to start shifting.

All through the millenia, the human society has seen many evolutionary stages in the way we think of ourselves and the way we do things. We used to believe the world was flat, that ours was the only planet in the universe, that women should never be allowed in the workplace, that because of the color of our skins we were not equal….we used to believe all these and more. We don’t anymore. Why? Mainly because people like Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr, just to mention but a few evolved in their thinking patterns and shared their findings with the rest of the world. Yes, in the beginning it was hard for those who heard their findings to understand it all but in time they too changed their mindsets.

So when someone comes up to me and asks, “If all people joined and quit their jobs, wouldn’t the financial system fail?“, I take comfort in knowing that this person’s mindset will soon change to my way of thinking, because I make up a growing population of people who finally understand what direct selling has to offer everyone. Here are the facts that I have come to learn, there will always be jobs and there will always be people to work them. It doesn’t matter how rich people become, they will always have a job to do.

The direct selling profession affords people that join the ability to get a job they love regardless of how much money they will get paid instead of settling for a job they don’t like. Granted, there are people out there who are doing jobs they love, but they are the lucky ones! Most people, however, are stuck in a job they don’t love because they need the incomes from these jobs to survive. The QNET opportunity offers these people two choices: 1- The power to quit their current jobs if they are not happy there OR 2- The power to retire early from which ever jobs they may have.

I ask you now, if the issue of how much money you would earn was not an issue and you where given the choice between having a job you love but does not pay well and one you don’t love that pays well, which one would you choose? That is the question every Independent Representative, myself included, wants you to answer when we approach you with the business opportunity offered by QNET. We are not suggesting that the job you love does not pay well. It’s just that we know from our own experiences that those jobs are few in number and there are many people vying for them.

I for one, want to be able to sit in my studio and transfer my feelings onto canvas without having the fear of whether my final master piece would sell and make me rich or not! For me to reach that dream, I realized the fact that I needed to own several, if not one, businesses that would ensure that I always had money flowing into my bank account. In all my years I have never wanted to sit in an office cubicle. In fact I have never pictured it as a possibility. If nothing else, I have always wanted to be a job creator not a job seeker. (Creating job opportunities are a “job” too you know!) But that’s just me.

When IR’s come up to you and suggest that you may wish to quit your job after you make it big in QNET, they are implying that if you are stuck in a job that pays relatively better than the one you do love, you can QUIT that job and opt for the one that you do love. If however you are doing the job you love, the QNET business opportunity is just a financial vehicle available to you which you can use to make supplemental income, an income that can support you even when you retire early from the job you love!

One thing is clear, we all want to do jobs we love, we all want to have the power to retire whenever we decide and we all want to have enough money in our bank accounts. Direct selling has the potential to give even the average Jane/John Doe that opportunity. It is up to you to decide what you want for your life and what you are willing to do to get it. I for one choose to pursue the QNET opportunity because, for me, it is the best vehicle that will get me to my dreams.”

There will always be people to do regular day jobs, hardly a handful of people are lucky to get the job they love to do. With QNET, you can earn well as well as support your dream. QNET empowers one to have a good financial support which ensures a good future.


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