Knock Knock… Who is there? OPPORTUNITY!

Many people fail to answer the door of Opportunity. It is not very common for an opportunity to present itself multiple times. One must have the courage and the instinct to grab opportunity as and when it occurs. QNET provides wonderful opportunities to each and everyone out there. Those who realize its potential, benefit from it, and those who don’t, they regret it or support the false rumors. Here are the words of one such person, who grabbed the opportunity when it appeared,

“This article I am not going to share any mechanics or logics as to why this company called QNET and this industry called network marketing is the best as there are loads and loads of authentic facts and figures that one can read and understand. But I would like to take this opportunity to share what made me get started and why I can swear by this name called Qnet. So just relax and let your heart think , your mind feel every word that I bring out from my cherished treasures………

Long lost years and life moves on, until one fine day you sit with yourself and see where you have reached on this journey. This was two years back when this opportunity of being a networker came to me. This was the time when I sat with myself only to realize that I have just drifted away. There is nothing much that I can do about each day that just went by. Some of my dreams lay completely shattered, making me face and bringing my failures in front of me.  But I kept running and running with a faith in me that no matter what I will find that way for me.  I had forgotten to live each day, and the things I loved. I had forgotten what it is to wonder in woods while I kept dancing to the tunes of what came along. This opportunity gave me a chance to reflect within me and get back to hearing what my heart had to say .  It got me back to the treasures that were just getting buried deep within me. I felt stranded on an island where I never wanted to be,  was all alone, by myself, to start all over again. This was the beginning to me being a networker.

So, here came my first of many angels who showed me and introduced me to the world of Qnet   and guided me through the road map to reach out to my dreams. Yes, in these many years of my work experience I have come across the industry called network marketing and few companies too but what sets Qnet apart, is that, this company breathes and spreads care. The vision has a soul and this gets reflected in every aspect and step that the company takes to grow and build.

I had loads of inhibitions when it came to being among and around people and then, stepping into network marketing was the most dreaded step. It was like swimming against the flow. But what pulled me through was that it gave me an insight along with a road map to reach out to my dreams. I was fighting my battle each day, some days I did not have the courage to get up and run.  Qnet gave me that courage to get up and get going to reach out to every thing that I ever thought of while I was a kid. I have always believed that there are no flaws in the master plan and this only got reinforced on this wonderful roller coaster journey of being a networker. The value system of Qnet   says, ‘If your faith is shaking it only means that it is now time to grow and be stronger. Grow and reach out to the dreams, your aspirations, they are just waiting there right for you.’ Each one of us is born to fulfill all of it and live every aspiration like a free being. They say, ‘travel through this untrodden path in your life and, travel with the belief of ‘I can’ as this is the strength that lies within each one of us.’

When you travel on this journey  you travel deeper and with every tear that rolls down is like that spark that will ignite the passion and when you open your eyes you would have reached there where you wanted to be……..

I have only cherished till now  the fond memories that had laughter and smiles but today when I travel within me, into the treasures of life I find that every tear or pain that I carried along just made me stronger while I reached  out to every laughter and smile I wanted to reach out to. It was just that I forgot ‘how to’ because I lost ‘why to’. As I stepped into different shoes in my life while growing up, I forgot the purpose of Me and My Being but today I regain it and believe strongly that ‘I CAN’ and ‘ I will’ because ‘I Must’.

Qnet has given me the most powerful weapon to fight my battles of life – called the strength of “I can’.  And no one decides but ME this power that I carry within myself. I truly believe that if ‘I Can’ so can each one out there in this world because I was and I am one among us.  It brings out the best in each one out here.

‘Leaders are those who understand that their power flows through them, not from them’, this is what Qnet epitomizes. It believes in using the business to build people up rather than using people to build up their business.

Today, I have got back to reliving each dream of mine, dream for me and my family…. It is a fantastic feeling not only to tick them of my bucket list but contribute to empowering so many to do the same. This is truly a humbling experience and this is the reason I love networking and the crux is Qnet’s value system of love and care………

This is me today and a promise that I make every day to myself to get better each day. From just being drifted away, I have learnt to use the winds help me sail to where I want to and take with me so many to the shore they want to!

This is my reason to being a networker and can swear by the name called QNET.”

QNET stands by the fact that each person is offered an equal opportunity, it is up to the individual whether he uses the opportunity or lets it slip away. The world is now a competitive playground where the game changes every minute.


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