The Best with QNET.

What we at QNET provide to our customers, is the same that we ourselves would like to have or use. We always believe in giving the best uncompromised product/ service to our customers. This is the reason many of our customers who are happy with what we provide, come out and write kind words for us. Here is the experience of one of our members,

“My experience in this regard from the booking stage till return, along with stay at the Phoenix Park Inn Resort in between, has been one which our complete family will remember for years to come. Having completed my reservation formalities well in advance with the resort through Vanamala India and QVI, I finally called them up a week before scheduled date of departure to reconfirm. A very pleasant female voice confirmed the details most courteously.

So, we landed there as scheduled and had no problems in checking in and without any wastage of time


The Resort is very conveniently located in North Goa and just walking distance from Candolim Beach. It provides easy access to all the popular and most frequented beaches of Goa, especially in the North. Even the not so frequented and usually quiet ones up North are also easily reachable. The few but popular beaches of the South Goa though can be visited with little effort and advance planning.

The accommodation was cosy and inviting and adequately furnished and equipped. After a hectic outing for the complete day, it provided very homely atmosphere to cool down and chill out. The markets from where we could fetch our items of daily use were all in close proximity, and the number of eating joints was just amazing. We therefore did not waste the opportunity to try and relish the extremely popular sea food and that too prepared in true Goan style.

With well laid out beautiful surroundings and amenities, the resort can pride itself in providing opportunity to the inmates to just relax and forget their worries by either just lazing around or utilising the facilities available within it’s boundary walls. It was very encouraging to see smiling and happy faces all around, and not surprisingly many of these happened to be of foreigners as well.

The various beaches and the other places which we were able to visit, and indulge in the fun and adventure activities available at these places, have been marked on the Google maps below. It was the start of the tourist season and there was colour and vibrancy all around, and the general mood was completely celebratory, something which added value and enjoyment to our stay.

It was a very memorable trip, coupled with an extremely comfortable stay at the resort, for our complete family……..and felt bad that the week passed off so fleetingly. Anyway, it was completely value for money. Well, don’t the photos speak for themselves!!!

It was in this very first outing of ours, courtesy the QVI Vacation Club membership, we realised the true potential and value of this MEMBERSHIP. Even in economic terms, the deal is a steal. Our complete family is now eagerly looking forward to similar and probably enhanced vacation experiences in the years to follow. Impatiently waitinggggggggggg…………..”

This is exactly why we do not compromise on the things that we provide. You give the best and you will get the best in return is what we believe. QNET has always been one to keep customers/ members’ happiness on top, this just shows that it is living up to its name!


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