Dreams… achieve it the QNET way!

Dreams are what motivates a person to work hard. Dreams keep a person alive and focused on the goals of his life.  QNET works on the principle of achieving dreams. All people dream, some dream big, some dream small, but real achievers dream beyond the sky! One successful QNET member shares his story about achieving his dreams with the help of QNET.

“This is probably my fav topic to write on – DREAMS. I remember two years back when I was being prospected, the three notorious networkers cunningly dragged an innocent me into a conversation regarding my unfulfilled Dreams and how I wish to complete them in this life alone, I was mentally signed-up, right then & there.

Let me introduce myself again, this time in one word, “I am simply a Dreamer.” But unlike rest of the 97% of the crowd on this planet I am a day-dreamer, I live in my dreams & each moment I’v spent of this life is about thinking how to fulfill them A.S.A.P., but sadly I’v spent about 25% of my life thinking in a Linear way,  doing a job and somewhat compromising on time without understanding the limited number of years a human can live. And as most of you guys know, 30th Nov 2010 I came across a business concept based on Duplication & Exponential Growth, never looked back since…

Last two years as a Networker I’v achieved a lot if not greatness, I’v gained a lot if not everything, I’v covered more than half of this journey if not maxed out yet, I AM NEAR… 🙂

I had never underestimated The Power of  My Dreams and I had never read ‘THE SECRET’ in person, and yet all my life I had applied the awesome concept of  ‘Law of Attraction’ without knowing it existed and one at one time it was so powerful that I got attracted to what I was looking for ( a concept, an opportunity), desperately – It came in the form of QNET. In my early Networking days, I learned that what I used to use to get to what i wanted, was nothing but the law of attraction and in this business we use it to focus our mind on our most powerful n desired Dreams in order to get the success once aspires of in Network Marketing. HOW? Simple, we make a Dream board, we paste pictures, images, sketches or anything that closely resembles our dreams… sounds insane? try it for a year and your perception will totally change OR read ‘THE SECRET’.

A few days before I made a Dream board comprising of 6 major materialistic Dreams I want to achieve/complete this year.

“A man is born to Dream & he must live to achieve them.”  

~Rohit Chourasia

Let me elaborate the images/dreams from my perspective :

1) SETU : Since my childhood I’v been exposed to an amazing fantasy world of superheroes, space adventures & fairytales through comics & cartoons. Since then I loved listening, watching, reading or writing stories, in short I always wanted to become a STORY TELLER, today I am almost there. Within next 2 months I’ll release my 1st ever comic book introducing a Universal Superhero created by Me – SETU. I plan to go international in a year. Man I cant wait, I already waited for 28 long years to see it in reality…

2) GLOBE TROTTING : I personally believe that a man is born to do 2 things in life, ‘Dream & achieve them’, and ‘Travel the globe’ – see the beautiful creations of nature and some amazing man made structures. This is something I’v never stopped doing no matter what, and I will continue to… EGYPT this year, VCON!

3) MAXOUT : The most important of ’em all, for this defines my rest of the future. And I cant wait anymore, it will be this year & this year itself. The FREEDOM Awaitsss…

4) HOME-2 : Its been almost 9 years since I moved to Mumbai for my higher studies & then job, away from My family. I hardly saw my sister grow, and I want to spend some quality time with her & my parents before she gets married. My heart cries silently, probably each moment since, I want to make it all right, my family with me in Mumbai in a new Home. Will also be getting married this year to my sweetheart – so this is another ‘must’ with the maxout… ALMOST THERE 😉

5) AUTHOR : Wanted to become the world’s most famous Novelist since i read Harry Potter about 12 yrs back & had been inspired n mesmerized by the imagination of the maverick writer J.K.Rowling, my inspiration to all the words you read… QNET Blogger’s programme made this easier for me, now I have a Worldwide readership reach. Time to start getting my thoughts on paper & soon a ‘Novel’.

6) SUPERBIKE : This played as a catalyst in my signup in QNET. Though the name & loyalty had changed, the dream still remains to own a 1000CC superbike, Kawasaki ZX-10R to be precise… 2013 you better be the year of my SBK…

Not on board, is My biggest dream yet, actually it everyone’s dream 🙂  

7) MARRIAGE : This year 2013, will forever take my ‘Single’ status, not forcefully but willingly in all the happiness I could gather, I’ll be getting married to My long time sweetheat… I LOVE YOU, are you listening!!! 😀

Guys, my Dreams are unlimited for I know they are just a decision away, I want you all to open up, start dreaming, sit on the driver’s seat and drive the FERRARI called QNET all the way to your goals…
ALL THE BEST for 2013 “

Such are the members or QNET. A person should not limit his dreams based on his abilities; instead his abilities should improve in order to achieve the dreams. Hard work never goes in vain and true dedication never goes un-noticed. So keep on dreaming and keep on motivating yourself!


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