How does QNET stand out from the rest?

There are many MLM companies in the market. Each company has different set of products to offer. There are multiple reasons that make QNET different from the rest in a good way. QNET does not misuse the MLM strategy; it uses it in a good way so as the members, the company and the society, all are benefitted from it. Here is what one QNET blogger has to say when someone asks him “WHY“ QNET?

“In my prospecting en-devours  I meet people who really ask me “WHY?” Why is this the best time to join with QNET and not any other direct selling company? Let alone investing in starting a business in these tough economic times? The answer to these questions vary from prospect to prospect so today I hope to provide you with a breakdown of my two best reasons to these questions.

Ever since QNET started back in 1998, they have en-devoured to provide their customers with high quality lifestyle and wellness products. While most other companies in this industry specialize in one field, for example, only providing their customers with either wellness, resort, beauty, home care and the like, QNET provides their customers with ALL the products under one “roof”. Joining multiple direct selling companies to buy products would be a waste of your hard earned resources. Granted, some of these companies provide good products, but I for one believe that QNET products rival even them. In addition to providing the best products, you gain an added advantage as far as having to purchase more products is concerned.

Wellness products from the Amezcua brand like the Bio Disc 2 can last up to 15 years. Holiday membership packages from QVI and Q-Breaks can last from 5 years upwards to 30 years. Some of the Watches and Jewelry collections from the Bernhard H. Mayer brand are produced in limited quantity which would put you in an elite circle of owner and also have your product gain in value over time, Education packages from the Swiss eLearning Institute offer flexible courses for the man/woman on the go. These are just some of the benefits of owning a product bought from QNET. To sum it all up in one sentence I would say that…with a onetime product purchase from QNET you save more in the long run.

Some of the Repeat Purchase products from QNET complement the Qualifying one time purchase products perfectly and others are suited to the needs of the average person’s needs. If you buy a Bernhard H. Mayer watch from the qualifying eStore, you can buy replacement straps from the Repeat purchase store. Buy the HomePure filtration system from the Qualifying eStore and it’s replacement cartridges from the Repeat purchase store. Consumable products like FibreFit, Ole, Physio Radiance, Bio Silver 22 Gel can be bought exclusively from the Repeat Purchase eStore.

We are all trying to figure out how to survive these tough economic crisis. And one thing is for certain, there are so few jobs to go around and too many people graduating from universities all over the world. Coupled with this is the fact that along with looking for income to survive on their own, almost all these graduates have hefty school loans that need to be paid. Jobs are not paying nearly enough salaries to their employees and the taxman is always on time to take away whatever little they may have earned.

The QNET opportunity is fantastic in my view because it helps address all these problems. Most direct selling companies design their business around a concept of having you constantly make purchases for products that are designed to be used repetitively sometimes in order to even earn commissions. The money spent on these repeat purchases is clearly needed elsewhere, don’t you think? QNET’s answer to this problem is to provide two types of products;

1- Qualifying products that are purchased ONLY once. These products, if bought after you register to become an Independent Representative, allow you to take part in the business opportunity.
2- Repeat purchase products that can be purchased one time as well or every one, two, three, six or twelve months.

Another reason i believe that now is the right time to join QNET is the fact that they provide their distributors EIGHT ways to earn commission. Just to put this in perspective for you, jobs only provide one avenue to earn an income, the salary. This salary is usually fixed and with the current economy as it is bonuses are few and far between. QNET, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to earn an income through it’s EIGHT avenues;

1- Retail Profit: When you refer a retail customer who purchases from your eStore, you receive the Retail Profit, which is the difference between your customer’s retail price and your discounted price as an IR.
2- Repeat Sales Points: From every sale of repeat products to retail customers or direct referrals, the direct referrer up to three (3) levels will earn the designated points which can be converted into either cash or Business Volume (BV).
3- Early Payout: The Early Payout applies only to your primary Tracking Centre 001, at Cycle 1, Step 1 and is paid according to a commission schedule.
4- First Purchase Profit: As a referrer, you will receive the First Purchase Profit from the qualifying retail sale or purchase made by your new personally sponsored IR.
5- Step Commissions: At the end of each commission period (week), QNET through its advanced and modern commission engine will search down your tree to determine group BV and the allowable commission amounts per tracking centre determined by your active rank.
6- Rank Advancement Bonus: As you grow and advance in rank, the amount paid per step increases, the number of weekly steps allowed increases and the maximized weekly payout can be achieved. You can be rewarded with up to US$ 60,300 in cash plus eVoucher Points each week!
7- Year-Round Rewards: These include special cash incentives, discounts on best seller products, exciting promotions and eVouchers for product redemption.
8- Travel Incentives: depending on the rank you rise up to, you can qualify for the VIP Tour at QNET’s corporate headquarters, including free airfare and hotel accommodations for top-level leadership training’s OR enjoy an all-expense-paid trip for two to an exciting destination announced annually OR enjoy an exclusive leadership celebration in elite settings that inspire and connect the leadership team.

And that’s not even the best part. The icing on the cake, the crème de la crème as far as am concerned is the fact that when you register to become an IR of QNET, you are provided TWO FREE Tracking Centres (TC), so in total you have three TC’s. Where as in other direct selling companies you are offered one tracking account that monitors all your purchases, QNET gives you the opportunity to not only earn from 1 TC but to earn from 3 TC’s from the get go. To make it easier to understand most IR’s, in the hopes of explaining this concept to their prospects, refer to a TC as a “business branch”.

QNET awards you, the IR, a “branch” with it’s own tree for every personal product purchase made. QNET provides you TWO FREE “branches” when you make your first purchase. This means you can buy a product with enough business volume (BV) points to activate only one “branch” OR all three branches at once which increase the potential to earn more money three fold. And as you know each “branch” can earn you commissions of unto US$ 20,100 EVERY WEEK! Even if you try to be “realistic” or have a “limited” view on what you could earn from QNET and you limit yourself belief to earning only US$ 250, with three “branches” you can make up to US$ 750 EVERY WEEK. For more information on this, please refer to whoever sent you to this blog or Contact Me directly.

So Why Is This The Best Time To Join QNET???

With the product range selection, all the other benefits not mentioned in this post and the EIGHT ways to earn QInfinite compensation plan, QNET provides you the opportunity to earn back what you have spent and will continue to provide you even more profits in the form of passive residual income. With the influx of the large number of people who are finding themselves out of jobs, some working at low paying jobs or worse still others who are just entering the workforce fresh out of school, the QNET opportunity offers you all the opportunity to earn massive incomes. You may be acquainted to such people. Why not help them, if not yourself, by introducing them to this grand opportunity.

It starts with the concept of “Find Two”. Enroll into QNET today and find two people that you know will benefit from the QNET products and/or the business opportunity. Then help your now two friends find their two and so on.”

QNET is a company that does not need to invite any one to become its members, people who know the difference between good and bad themselves join QNET and make the right choice. In this modern time when many businesses are out there to con you, QNET stands strong as a statue of good, helping people prosper and achieve their goals.


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