A Wonder Called Network Marketing

A successful Business model is the one which benefits the members as well as the owners of the company equally. Network Marketing is one such model that has multiple benefits for both the members of the company as well as the owners. QNET has adopted this model and is one of the most successful network marketing company in the world. Here is what one successful network marketer has to say,

“Today is one of the proudest moment in My Networking career as I write this blog sitting in My cabin from my own brand new office in Mumbai. My team & I saw a Dream, today we sit in it & operate from it. All this happened after two years in networking, a lot of struggle & eons of sacrifices. Anyways, thats my joy I wanted to share.

Well, talking about use of technology in Network Marketing, I remember an old article from 2010 which said that the network marketing industry is looking for & how to use technology to build a better business online. The Internet has replaced traditional offline methods for building a network marketing business. The Internet has made it much more cost effective & easy to manage huge genealogies like QNET does with the help of one of the most technologically advanced website ever. Now, you must be thinking thats old news, but to my horror I found out many people don’t know about this, shocking isn’t it!!!

No point dragging this topic, as I wont be talking information now, just sharing the common knowledge 🙂
Everyone will agree that technology had made Networking a cake-walk, connecting today is a click away & no country in too far. Lets check what are the most common platforms today ;

Facebook (Social networking) : This has to be No.1 networking tool/platform that there is. An ultimate treasure of knowledge having over 1 Billion + people to connect & network with, go on build your teams overseas, no matter you’ve heard the name of that country or not. Today my organization had spread across seas & lands I am unaware of… The World is our playground!

Twitter (Micro Blogging) : As I type & complete one blog, Twitter is getting filled up with a few 1000 or maybe a Million micro-blogs or so called ‘tweets’. How is it useful? VERY MUCH! This strange yet simple platform might lead you to have friends n followers not just across seas, but maybe on different n yet unknown planets having internet connections 😉 Go on, open an account & start writing your mind in just about 140 characters! Start expressing…

BBM / Whatsapp (Instant Messenger app) : Not like social networking sites or good old yahoo messenger, yet very effective in contacting & connecting to friends & friends of friends. Got it? Use connecting apps like pinshare & wikitude and the whole mobile network is your property (JK) Just get the idea 😉

E-mail (Electric post) : The One that replaced pigeons n postmen! I am not sure how much this is useful while networking, but it is sure one of the best ways to connect to your old lost contacts, whose e-mail IDs might still be in the e-mailing contact list…

Mobiles (durr dhwani yantra) : Your better half your girlfriend your ultimate companion, if it breaks you cry, if it switches off you go mad, if its lost you feel like not living… boon or curse I dont know, but very effective n instant. Use this one to the most, call n invite, give plan – do follow-up – finish signup! Make it your daily activity. Go maxout & I wish you a VERTU soon…

Formula-1 (Sport) : No this one doesn’t help in networking, but is one of the best ways of marketing, and your company on one F1 car means you own it, just the way Dato & Branson does. Enjoy the sport, while you earn ;)”

Now the offline marketing field has been limited to certain traditional methods whereas the online marketing field is growing day by day and coming up with new and innovative approaches. They day is not far when majority of the companies will be dependent on network marketing entirely.


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