QNET: Doing business the way it should be done

Network Marketing is one very successful business model and many companies have adopted it. However, a large number of people have misconception about it and are skeptical about being related to a company that follows NM strategy. Those who know the true benefits of Network Marketing have gained fruitful returns and enjoy the marvels of this model of business. Companies like QNET adopt this strategy and its members are living proof if its success. Here is what one particular QNET member has to say on this,

“I completed two full years with QNET and it has been two of the most enlightening years of my life. I learned, I earned, I created, I inspired, I continue – towards my 1st Million $.
Now when I look back, the way I started, the way I hung on, the way I believed, it deserves to be penned down, for it has been a journey of Success inspired by failures. read onnn…

On 29th Nov 2010 when I saw the plan, I was mentally signed up right then n there & on 2nd Dec 2010; And in my first 7 days of Networking I signed up more than 9 people, out of them 3 were close friends. On 8th day, I resigned my job & since then I never looked back.

Frankly I had no kachra (garbage) in my mind  about what Network Marketing was till the date I saw the plan & when I saw it, I was like, ‘WOW! So my dreams can actually come true!’, and this inspired me to do it. From Day1, I started talking to my friends about the business, they were shocked to know that I had left my job for ‘THIS’!!! And I was more dumb founded than ever to see such reactions, I wanted to know what was happening. I researched and all I found was people are just ‘UNINFORMED’ about Network Marketing. My research over the months gave me immense knowledge; I also found that QNET in particular has an edge over all other existing NM companies. What separated QNET were the values behind, the Founders & their fondness for doing good to mankind. I was amazed.
As I attended more meetings, more events, VCON in particular, I saw that what they are doing is charity above all. They were investing all their time, unconditionally; to create more people like them : People who understand that we are not born to live poor, people who understand that dreams can come true, people who understand that helping is the only good, people who understand that networking is strengthening relationships not spoiling them, people who understand that valuing friends & family is more imp than anything, people who understand that ‘We’ need each other…

Welcome to the world of moral values, welcome to Qnet.

There are a few reasons why I chose QNET:
1) I am paid to have coffee with my friends, sounds awesome isn’t it?
2) Unlike in a corporate job, we have less politics & more income.
3) I now work with my closest friends, which was previously impossible due to our education in different fields.
4) Unlike in a corporate job, no one can tell you what to do.
5) Unlike in a corporate job, no one can fire you.
6) Financial Education (Systems) – The heart of QNET, the USP of this business.
7) Dato Seri Vijay Eswaran – this man can’t be replaced. Available exclusively only through QNET 😉
8)  Coz I’ve not seen any other network marketing company going to these lengths to help their people to achieve success. In my words, QNET has gone beyond limits of what was we call marketing and gave us the many firsts. Like the QNET Virgin Marussia F1 Team, the first ever for a Network Marketing company.

The ever evolving compensation plans, 8 ways of
earning, ever increasing multiple products range and by understanding our needs & increasing our commissions & earnings time to time, staying head to head with inflation. A feat no company has achieved IMO, not in this side of the world at least.

So far I had witnessed an amazing graphical journey in past two years of my networking career. I rise, I fell, I rose again, I fell, I rise back, fell again, and I continued till I formed a Team, ever growing, perennially earning & inspiring me to inspire more. I feel humbled, I feel obliged, I feel peace, I want to never stop…

I had understood that if you give this business the required dedication and hard work, there is NO business like this, for a penny of an investment, that can give you such infinite earning capabilities that you can have all the required time & money for your family & yourself, so that you can see this beautiful world, give your children the best of education that there is, treat your wife like a Queen & give your parents a life of happiness & comfort they rightfully deserve. In short Qnet offers you Life, Take It or leave…”

QNET strives to give the best of everything to its customers. No matter what malpractices other Network Marketing companies do, QNET can never go of the track. It believes in doing good for its members and for the society.


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