Products that make our Customers HAPPY

There is no joy other than getting positive feedbacks from our customers. Our products are aimed for one purpose that is to satisfy our customers and meet their expectations. QNET is glad that our products meet the customers’ expectations. Here is what one such customer has to say,

“I started the business in March 2011 with my first purchase of the QVI Club Bronze Membership. Few months down the line, I purchased the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 (Family Pack) for my family and since then it’s been an integral part of our daily lives!!

This awesome scientific breakthrough wellness device by QNET has amazingly energised our lives & created an immune system against diseases and also is helping me in a lot many ways in weight loss, vision correction & curing many health issues.

We, as a family, drink Bio Water every day, use the same for daily cooking & watering plants.  I carry the other disc around with me which keeps me energized all day, helps me drink bio water even when am not carrying the same from home, makes my soft drinks and beverages lighter and more nutritious to drink!  The water therapy has helped my family also in keeping them more fit and energetic & lowering their common problems like : headaches, gout pain, diabetes count & mainly joint aches.

The major change I felt after about 10months of using the disc & drinking bio energized water daily was that I started losing weight gradually and the best part of all – it’s been a permanent weight loss – slow but steady & permanent. So along with minor alterations in eating habits and drinking bio water it has given me good results and am certain that with this I shall soon achieve great results & be a new person altogether!!!!! My vision also improved and this was a big surprise to me! I started feeling difficulty with my spectacles & also started getting frequent headaches. When I went for a checkup the doctor asked me if I was doing anything specific for better vision like eating the right foods, etc. and all I told him was, the only new thing in my life is the Bio Disc Water Therapy & am certain it’s the same which has lowered my vision number in both eyes .

I strongly suggest to everybody to use Bio Disc if you really care about your own health and wellness and if you really care about your family’s wellness & health.


Happiness beyond bounds is what we feel when we come across such reviews from our customers. We are always ready to provide such products to our customers and we will try our best to meet our customers’ expectations each and every time. We at QNET believe that the customer is king and it is our duty to serve the king.


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