Great Products, Happy Customers

Our Products are such that our customers can’t suppress the joy they get from using them. They express their gratitude towards and this in-turn motivates us to deliver the best quality and range of products to them. Read on to find out what one happy customer had to say about QNET,

“Honestly speaking, I love ALL QNET products because they are very diverse. I never had a special one in mind until this year’s announcement at VCON2012. I choose the InShape Toning Belt as the winner because it is simply every girl’s (who is not a model by nature) dream.

My main goal for 2012 was to lose weight, which I have been successful at for committing myself to going ZUMBA classes three times a week. I lost approximately 10 kilos but gained (only a few) back during Ramadan, due to the unhealthy habits some of us tend to practice. How does this relate to the product? The Toning Belt helps keep the abdominal area (my worst nightmare) toned through three technologies, and these are: EMS, FIR and VIB.

This product has very attractive key benefits such as: increasing metabolism, improving one’s blood circulation, and dissolving fat. I also think this product is a winner because I found out it was sold out within a few weeks of its release date… meaning that I would have to wait until December to be able to order one.”

No words can describe the feeling a company gets after hearing such kind words from its customers. QNET is just as dedicated to its customers, as it is dedicated to its members. Such good products and happy customers are things that will remain associated with Qnet no matter what.


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