Happy Customer, Is a Loyal Customer!

In the past we have shown how our happy members like to express their feeling for Qnet. Now we will share something that our happy customers say about us. We strive to deliver the best quality products to you customers and give them more that what they expect from us. Our customers, when contended with our quality products, have something to say. Something like this,

“One of my friend invited me for a drink one evening and I happily accepted the invitation (who rejects a free drink after all). However when he served me the first drink I couldn’t believe it, It was a very sub standard whisky. I started to think this man is so well to do why would he serve me such a drink? For the courtesy I took a sip and it was horrible. He saw my expression and said “Wanna see magic?” I said sure.

He then took a small spray bottle and sprinkled something which looked like water on the glass wall from which I took the sip of the whisky. After that he said take a sip and I thought to myself ”Oh no, I can take a sip of this horrible drink” but I took it still. And Oh my God it I don’t know what that water had it tasted like Teachers or Johny Walker. I was flabbergasted. I told him whatever that thing is I want it.

And that was my friend the magic of Bio disc, changing the flavor of that drink is one of the many magic that it does. I went back home and read everything about Bio Disc. I won’t bore you with technical details but I want to share a couple of things one which I found in an article:

“The healing power of Biodisc has proven to  amazingly balance the  ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ and cure various syndromes such as autism, diabetes, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol, high level of uric acid, migraines, pains, swelling and inflammation, rheumatism, stiff neck, leg cramp, stomachache, headache, asthma, kidney problem, allergy, jet lag, fatigue, muscular pains, stresses, and more…” 

Secondly I wanna share my story with you. My uncle is a kidney patient and he is going through a regular dialysis which makes him really restless the entire night and he wont sleep. When he cant sleep the entire night that disturbs my mother and she cant sleep. My mom has to get up early and go to office. This was really affecting her health and job. I told my mother to keep the bio disc under my uncle’s bed when he sleeps. Even I couldn’t believe when my mother called me and said that now he sleeps like a baby the entire night.

So there’s no doubt that bio disc is my favourite product. It can really change lives.”

The best satisfaction a business can receive is the appreciation from its customers. Qnet is dedicated to its customer’s satisfaction the same way it is dedicated towards its members. No matter what, Qnet will always look towards keeping their customers happy. As the saying goes, A happy customer is a loyal customer!


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