Qnet- The Motivation Machine!

Qnet believes in motivating their members to achieve their dreams not matter how big they are. It urges them to dream big and think that if you have the willpower then anything is possible. ANYTHING! If a dream isn’t big then it isn’t a dream at all. When our members realize this, we feel that we have done a good job. Here is what one member thinks about this,


“VCON 2012 – I missed out on being present at this unbelievable event this time & I regret the same! Though I could not make it, was totally tuned in to the happenings there, thanks to The V’s updates & tweets and also thanks to my Q Net family who kept posting pictures & messages as the event progressed. I agree that VCON is an event which needs to be experienced to actually feel what it is all about. However, in spite of not being there, have learnt a lot from this fantastic event which I would like to share with all of you, specially the ones who could not make it this time.


My Most Important take-away from VCON 2012 is from Day1 which focused on “Dreams”. Like Chief Pathman Senathirajah said, “Without a dream, your journey won’t have any logic”.  Most of us, including myself have forgotten to dream! We have got so engrossed in our daily routine & monotonous lives of “go to work, come back home” that we have left behind ourselves & our dreams & just run behind making money & fulfilling other commitments of life. Most people think “Dreaming is for kids”! Trust me Kids do it very well!!!


What do you need to live life? – OXYGEN! Your DREAM should be as important as that! Without a dream you will just die in this business.  There will just be short term gains & long term put offs!   Whatever we do, wherever we are, we all have commitments which we fulfill in every possible way. Similarly, this network marketing industry also demands your 100% commitment – BUT TO FULFILL YOUR DREAMS ONLY! 


We normally think we have enough time to do lot of things. You never know at which stage in life you stand today. For all you know, you may be towards the end of your life & may not have enough time at hand to do everything you want & to fulfill your dream. SO DO EVERYTHING TODAY & NOT KEEP TILL TOMORROW! Be specific about what you want & when you want it. Keep a diary with you always & keep writing every small thing that you want. Send a signal to the universe & then work towards fulfilling your dreams!


Let’s get back to our childhood & dream freely without giving a thought whether the dream can actually become a reality or not! Coz when we were kids, we never dreamt whilst keeping in mind that this dream can be fulfilled or not!!!! We just dreamt of things which at that point were impossible things like – I want to visit the moon; I want to go to Disneyland & play with all the cartoon characters; I want to be an air hostess / doctor / engineer; As kids, did we know whether we could ever achieve these dreams? NO! But we dreamt and felt happy! SO WHY NOT NOW???? 


Few words from My Mentors  during the VCON that have touched me & made me re-think on what I am doing in this life, in this business is what I would like to share with you. Think on each of these for a few seconds & ask yourself…….am I really doing this? Do I need to change myself?


Chief Pathman Senathirajah



“If your dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. Somewhere along the journey, we get lost so find your dream because, that is the only thing that will stop you from getting lost in your journey to success.”

Just because you’ve forgotten how to dream doesn’t mean you can’t dream anymore

Become warriors! We will never stop because we are warriors!

If you want to achieve financial freedom, you must pay the price! Are you ready to conquer the world?

There are 2 things: Go to the real world and get suck into it or go into the real world and make it also our world

In life you can have dreams or you can have excuses but you cannot have both


Dato’ Vijay Eswaran



We are a RYTHM Nation! Right under the color of the skin, blood has the same color

You need to start believing that you can become the master of your dreams

If your dreams are big enough, the world will answer to you

If you’ve never failed at anything, you’ve never lived

There are no accidents. Everyone you meet is a potential prospect.



Joseph Bismark


Ask yourself, “Am I a leader that I would like to follow?”

We think that we know everything and that’s what destroys us

Network Marketing takes time because you are building relationships in the business. So be tactful & patient.

You have all the skills to become successful in this business. But make sure you have the heart

You are our partners – Carry The V and QNET when you speak to people

Success is your destiny, your body is your vehicle


Sathi Senathirajah

You’ll make better relationships if you change your attitude

You have a choice how to live your life. Everything can be positive if you want it to be

Make a difference. Become one again. Be hungry for success


Donna Imson

Expect your success. Expect that 7-day weekend for yourself. You deserve it

We’re in this business to help other people succeed


I have realised that I have been stupid! I need to change my attitude. I need to keep the business as simple as it is & not complicate things!  Business is as simple as talking to people & finding your two key people & helping them find their two. It’s my inhibitions and pre-assumptions that have kept me from achieving success in the business. I need to dream big & communicate the same to the universe & simply work hard towards it. This is the only platform which can help me achieve my dreams, make me a better person, give me a chance to help change the lives of a million others & give me the success I desire!

Very proud to be part of QNET & TEAM Infiniti and also to see that now 6 of my up lines are part of the VCouncil!!!! They are truly my inspirations & aim to be there someday soon!”


This is what makes us proud. When we see that our members are inspired by us and when we can help them achieve their dream, we feel contented. Qnet will never change this policy of helping their members and guiding them on the path of success. It will always remain the light of hope for its members.


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