Qnet- Spreading the message of Good.

Qnet always tries to impart good value in its members. The aim is not just to find two people, but it is to change the lives of those two people for good. Our members respect the value that we impart in them and they pass on the same teachings to others who join the ever increasing Qnet family. A business, whether small or big, should bring good values in the society, only then it can be a success. This is the reason Qnet is successful today. Here is what one proud member of Qnet has to say,

I hail from India, and I am Hindu by religion. We have a festival called Diwali which is just around the corner. We worship Goddess Laksmi in this festival. Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity, wealth and abundance. 

A lot of people think Lakshmi means money, few understand and know that
 Lakshmi means true wealth. In the times of cut-throat competition, and stressful targets – the insatiable desire of every person to become rich makes a lot of people, choose short cuts and follow a path of short cut gains which are eventually the long term pains. However, the wise understand – that true wealth or Lakshmi, is earned. And thereby brings joy, peace and pride. Money can be “made” through a scam, mis-selling or by using cheap tactics, but true wealth or Laksmi can only be earned by true and honest means, a sweet result of hard work. 

The Goddess of Lakshmi, holds a lotus in her hands. The lotus is a symbol of purity and peace, signifying spiritual enrichment. Its a symbol of purity even in muddy waters. Without this peace – wealth is meaningless. Muddy waters can be anything and entrepreneur faces in business – unethical practices, deceit and short cuts in business. The right hand of Lakshmi denotes unending generosity. The beautiful gold coins stand for abundance in wealth and prosperity. 

As Diwali approaches, we clean our houses and prepare to welcome Lakshmi into our lives and pray to her to stay. Whether you are in India or not, whether you are Hindu or not, everyone wants that. As we all aim to complete the target of F2, lets do so by cleaning our hearts, lets find the 2 lucky lives that we are going to save from the muddy waters of financial scarcity. Lets bestow on them, unending love and unconditional support and lets help them see the magical gold coins. The symbol of Lakshmi can be a guiding approach for F2!

When we find our 2, lets find them not to just complete the task Chief has given us, but the lets change their lives, once we find them. They say in this business, find 2 people, help one by a Ferrari and the other a BIG mansion, and you will have a BIG mansion with a Ferrari parked outside. True wealth is a result of helping the 2 that we find, it’s when their lives change that our lives automatically change for good. The wealth that comes to our homes by doing so will be true wealth or Lakshmi. 

I pray that you see a lot of money with true joy and peace in your hearts and it starts with changing 2 lives. 

If the intent is right, I am sure, you won’t have to, your two will find you 🙂 “


This is what makes us different from others. We not only pass on positive values to our members but also urge them to pass on to others, thus spreading the message of positivity in the society. Qnet is proud of its members who live such positive lives and think about the betterment of others in the society.


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