Hard work always Triumphs.

Qnet is a company that will help its members till any extent, but it will be successful in doing so when the members are ready to help themselves. Nowhere in the entire world can anyone become successful without hard work. This is what the true members of Qnet understand and that is the reason they do not fall prey to baseless negative rumors that are floating around in the market. Here is what one such hardworking Qnet member has to say,

“The message of Find 2 in the industry of network marketing, I believe, is a message that is sadly forgotten by many, myself included. People are more focused on poking holes in the QInfinite business plan, calling it a pyramid scheme that they have forgotten its basic message….Find 2…that’s all it takes to get started in this business. The F2 Super Bonanza that QNET launched on the 29th September has helped show me the simple truth…this business is only as difficult as I make it out to be.

I have found that when I show the business plan to prospects they get caught up in the tree, and even though i tell them in the beginning that all it takes to start the business is refer 2 people, to the business, they get caught off guard when showing the full potential of the business and most prospects start worrying where they will find all the people to fill out their table. With the message of Lead and Inspire others, I have found that the Find 2 promotion has made it easy for me to explain the core basic principle of this business to all my prospects.

The concept of Find 2 has helped me greatly focus my efforts in the field. I used to go around chasing down every prospect I could find trying to convince them to join with me in this business. As you can imagine, I failed to capture the attention of most of them, and the one’s I was able to sell the idea of Financial freedom to, bailed out on me at the last moment. It was disheartening for a while and I found myself not promoting my business as often as i used to. That all changed when I read a question V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah asked the IR’s on Day 2 of the V-Con 2012…

“Is it that hard to find at least two people in a day?”

Even though I did not attend the 
V-Con, after reading this question on the V-Indonesia official website i found myself re-evaluating my goals and dreams and it was then that I had an epiphany. I was going about my business all wrong…I had spread myself too thin, trying to lead a large number of people instead of just leading two; after all it is much easier to lead two people at a time. It is because of this realization that I then set a new personal business goal…

The Find 2 concept is so easy to understand and spread to others that I feel so foolish sometimes for having forgotten it. I don’t let that get to me though for I know that every mistake I make as I grow in my business only helps me learn so that I do better down the line. I have found that the act of prospecting is now more fun and this just helps me further promote the concept of financial Freedom to everyone I meet. I cannot wait to grow as a leader and move from just Finding 2 to Finding MORE as I get comfortable leading just two prospects at a time.

Network marketing is built on the foundation of teamwork. Building a large team of people who share your goals and dreams usually starts from the small effort of finding at least two people who are willing to work alongside you as they too realize their own dreams. This, as I have come to learn, is the reason for most of the business successes you read about in the news. If you are reading this post today and you want to achieve success in any business, let go of the notion of working alone, and embrace the fact that you will need the help of others who share in your dreams.

No one ever became wealthy and financially free by working alone

With 8 fantastic ways to earn, 
QNET offers the best business opportunity that is open to everyone above 18 years of age who wishes to attain Financial Freedom or maybe just earn supplemental income to add to what they already earn in their jobs. Starting a successful business really isn’t that hard, as is proven by all those in the QNET Achievers Club. So if you are interested in joining, remember that all it takes to start and run your own new QNET business is the ability to Find 2.


If you are ready to start your business, why not take part in the F2 Super Bonanza and start earning matching bonuses that will surly skyrocket your business on the path of success. Have a look below at these Perfect Matches that qualify you to join in on the fun. Head on over to my website when you have found the product that suits you. Alliteratively, leave me an email directly and I’ll get back to you. Feel free to post your comments below if you have any feed back to what you have read on this post…it’s how I’ll know you where here!!”

The dedication of the members along with the support of Qnet is what made them achieve success in their lives. When a company is successful and people are benefiting from it, negative rumors are bound to spread in the market to hinder its growth. But in the end good always triumphs and hard work will always pay!

One Response to “Hard work always Triumphs.”
  1. reemagujare says:

    This is 100% true! Without Hard work, no business or individual can be successful. It is very good to see a company imparting good values in its members. I also agree to the point that if a company is doing good then negative rumors will follow. This cheap strategy is adopted by many buy many and never do these strategies become successful. People should stop believing in these rumors if the want to be successful.

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