Self Help is the best Help; this is what we believe at Qnet.

The best help a person can receive is from his own self. We at Qnet try to impart this value to our members. We mould our members into fine members of the society by taking the role of a motivator in their life. V-con is the tool that we use to help our members. The V-con event is an event full of knowledge and positivity. Our members each year wait eagerly for this event, and as the event date comes near, their excitement level rises even higher. Here is what one such enthusiastic Qnet member has to say,

“Going to VCON is a decision I do not have to juggle or think twice about. Without hesitation since my first VCON in 2010, I have made a promise to myself to never miss this event.

Each year I wonder how could this VCON be any better. What new ideas and surprises are we going to encounter, and of course, The-V family continuously manages to enchant thousands of people.

(… I had to stop for a few minutes after writing the first two paragraphs to collect my thoughts. I will never be able to fit what I learned in a blog.)

@ VCON2012 following is some of what I learned:

– In order to become successful you have to work as a team. I was amazed and moved by the number of IRs who were able to achieve the Platinum and Diamond ranks from Egypt. I was lucky enough to come across one of the IRs at the hotel I was staying at and asked about the “secret” to their success. His simple and humble reply was: “Teamwork and Repeat Sales”. I was honestly waiting for a complicated answer but was hit with pure simplicity.

– In order to maintain success, we must be consistent. Ms. Donna Imson is one my favorite people in the world. She shines with success, magnificence, brilliance, charm and a beautiful transparent heart. She talked about a study at a University where it was proven that in order to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off, we need to perform three simple steps: 1) Weigh Yourself Daily, 2) Exercises at Home and 3) Eat Breakfast. She referred to these steps as “Vital Behaviors” and of course linked them to the business by performing the following three steps: 1) Refer Daily, 2) Repeat Sales and 3) Raise Yourself. It is true that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” — Leonardo da Vinci

– The most touching quote I heard at VCON was by one of my favorite personalities VP Adly, and he said: “Don’t make your family the excuse, make them the reason to produce”. I can feel the goose bumps all over again! Throughout my 3+ years of experience in Network Marketing, I have found that a high percentage of people tend to hibernate into their comfort zone due to delusional reasons. This quote has inspired me to work harder now so that I can play harder when I grow up, to be able to make my family happy, to be able to make my mom an EMPRESS and to be able to raise myself and help mankind.

VCON is my annual charger where I am showered with positive energy and surrounded by beautiful people.  VCON enables me to learn the true value of myself and that it is okay to go through the trials and errors as long as I keep on trying.

Next year, whichever country I am destined to attend V-CON at, I hope to see fellow IRs from Saudi Arabia shine on stage for their magnificent achievements.

If one man can do it, so can you!”

The joy that our members get from visiting V-con can be clearly seen in their words. We all at Qnet feel proud when we see our members gaining positivity, knowledge and hope from our V-con event. Doing something and doing something the right way are two different things and we understand the meaning of that. We will keep on doing the good work each year for the members of Qnet. Qnet was, is and will always remain dedicated to its members.


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