Helping People Achieve Their Dreams.

V-con has always been an extravagant event for us at Qnet. We use V-con to polish our members and make them shine to their brightest. For us, whatever we do to make our members successful is less. Each day, we do more than the previous day; and each day, we transmit a little more positivity into the members than the previous day. The members look at Onet as a guiding light and here are the views of one such Qnet member,

V- con 2012 was one of the most awaited events for me. The journey that I lived from v –con 2011 to v- con 2012 has been very adventurous.  If I have to describe it in brief it would be best to say it was a roller coaster ride where there was a new surprise in store for me every single day. The more I wanted to live my dreams, the higher I wanted to reach, the deeper I went in for a fall. And so, I was just waiting for all my answers. All this while I realized I had made many mistakes and was arrogant enough to live in a state of denial for quite a long time. But I must say that v- con is the only place that just embraces one and is a holy place of love where all the mistakes are forgiven.

V- con 2012 started with a complete warm welcome right from the time I stepped in Indonesia. I was really taken aback with the warmth and affection that was so much in the air. I really felt like a new born baby. I was like a kid – enjoying, dancing but from within, slowly and gradually sprinting towards embracing my fears. Filling up myself with passion and energy, absolutely refueling myself to go back in the world and conquer with love and affection. Redefine the ME and make the outside world as beautiful as the V made it for me.

These 5 days were days of realization, celebration and more than anything else a complete heart to heart conversation which I don’t think is experienced very often. The beauty lay in the fact that it was a heart to heart connection between 9000 people. The strings just got attached and the chords struck deep within me and am sure this was the case with each one of us who was a part of v-con. I really lived some special moments and felt each of these were in store for me. Every time it brought out the real Me for Me and took me closer to Myself, instilling and strengthening the belief to be a leader and lead like a Warrior. A warrior that guides and rips apart all the challenges no matter what it takes. No matter how Big these get and no matter how often they come and in different forms, shapes and sizes.


While the focus was always to reach the goal and make it happen for each one of us , v-con gave me an insight about enjoying the journey till we reach our destination – the madness, craziness, passion that just drives and fuels in to race the Ferrari of life and build up each dream brick by brick in reality.

This v- con I had the biggest realization that all this while I was somewhere just chasing my dreams, but chasing dreams is just so temporary.  We need to embrace the truth and not chase it as this will help us find the purpose of our existence. A Dream is like an idea and is like planting a seed. We need to be like the gardener and nurture this seed, water it, protect it and then we shall see it grow and then see it grow bigger and it will bear the fruits one fine day. While we nurture it we must never forget that there is a season to sow and another to reap and that it cannot happen in the same season.

And today I will admit this: Guess what happened to me this v-con? This v-con one of the most beautiful things happened to me …… I fell in LOVE , yes I did fall in LOVE – the four letter magical word.  This LOVE is really really special to me, it is not tangible to begin with and is very cosmic in nature. It is beyond holding hands and making promises. This is my reason to live now…. And I am going to make it happen for me…. and this v-con…. I truly fell in LOVE with My DREAMS:))

Believe me this is one of the most beautiful feelings one can feel for oneself in their lifetime. It is like experiencing heaven on earth. Yes, falling in Love is a beautiful experience but while we are going to live it, it will surely be accompanied with pain.  But for the first time I am not afraid of the pain nor do I think pain is bad. It is actually pointing out to me  one of the most wonderful things that I can accomplish for myself and this time to be very honest ,I do not want to miss out on what pain can teach me while I live this whole experience of loving my dreams. With this I decided that I am not only going to face every challenge that will come my way but I am going to face it with a smile and enjoy this journey of doing crazy things.

One of the biggest learnings that touched my heart and really blew my mind away was that noise is not the only way to express love and admiration. When 9000 plus people in the stadium did the silent clap I could just feel the energy, the vibrations and such a powerful force which was a strong emancipation of love and respect.



Words of wisdom from this v-con I take back from one of the speakers who in my opinion is passion personified – VC Gita Tobing. He was a live wire. When he shared, he made me believe that language cannot be a barrier to express oneself. While he shared his experience in Bahasa I did not understand the language technically but I could feel the passion and power and it is just so rooted deeply in my heart. I hardly wanted to understand what the translation was because he was so powerful that the vibes just reached each and every nerve within me. He is a true warrior who not only defied all the logical circumstances but even wrote his own script of life. The respect and passion in his eyes reflected the humility within him. A nobody sometime ago is now travelling across the globe touching a million lives. He embraced me with humility, respect and love and it didn’t matter what mistakes I have made and  I took back  the passion, belief and a powerful force called love to come back and change the world around me. I learnt that insecurity breeds arrogance but real confidence is a result of humility.

This was v-con 2012 for me which I have tried to pen down with my experiences and learnings . As of now I am all set and ready to embark on this journey with a different level of belief in me and conquer my fears and be a better person.  V-con not only gives one Hope to achieve their dreams but also gives tools to transform this hope into reality.  With this I truly await the next  v-con. I am sure it will equip me much more and refuel me to spread more love and compassion out in the raging world.”

We are proud of such members who have acquired so much positivity and knowledge from V-con. It is a “Mission Successful” for us when we hear such stories from our members. This is what motivates us to bring out our best efforts in organizing V-con, and making Qnet a support pillar for our members. We will keep on doing more and more towards the development of our members.


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