Work as A Family, Grow as A Family

At Qnet, we strive to deliver more than what we promise to our members. For us the biggest achievement on this planet is to deliver excellence to our members and take them to a new high. We develop new and innovative platforms and support them with our expertise to give the members more and more ways to develop themselves. Our efforts do not go in vain; and this is not what we think, but what our members think. Here is what one happy member from the Qnet family has to say about our V-con event:

“Ever since my journey began in 2010 with Qnet, I had been hearing about the most amazing event that could possibly happen on this planet  – The Vcon.  I only saw that all those who shared about Vcon, their experience, learnings were so fully charged and energetic and there seemed to be a different glow on their face or I may say a twinkle in their eye and with this I always kept wondering what actually happens at Vcon.

My mind always used go through a battle because everyone would even share that we only sleep for 2-3 hours each day for next 5 days, eat our meals while we stand in the queue and no time to relax and inspite of all of the above, this was the most happening and unbelievable life changing experience that one could go through for one self………… with all of this my mind could just not fathom the fact that is this for real??? To my surprise the buzz , the energy just went on to next level as the day approached.

My first Vcon experience was in 2011 – Malaysia and the theme was Belief!!! While this also happened to be my first international trip in all these years of my life , so I was really really excited and looking forward to it. I really owe to Qnet for bringing lot of things for the first time in my life and giving me some wonderful experiences to learn and cherish too.

And I was in dreamland, visualising as to what all would happen at Vcon!  The d- day of my life finally arrived …….. As I entered the stadium, my mind was blown away as there was only madness that I could feel… it was really crazyyyyyy. I felt like I was a kid who was suddenly exposed to so many different things, so many different cultures and above all  – all the madnessssss and passion in the air!!!!! My eyes followed everything around and my mind was struggling to capture the details as there was so much on the platter at the same time for me to absorb. I have no logical reason but my heart was so much happy… I mean for the first time in a very very long time of my life, I felt so much happy , happy and happy – simply happy! It was absolutely wowww…….

200 countries, 10000 people, 50 odd nationalities could not get much varied than this but one language and one vision. We technically could not understand the language that few of us used to converse but it didn’t matter, we all were happy and dancing and cherishing with each other.

At v- con my life changed as it filled me with so much love, there was love and passion everywhere. It was in every word that speaker spoke and I would feel the passion in the silence too. And the beauty is that the vision was to spread more of these out in the world!!!.

With Dato Vijay, Chief Pathman, Ms. Donna Imson and all the V- partners and AVP that came and shared from their heart inspite of being the who’s who and the billionaires of the world, I felt I was at home, secured and safe. They came across to me as my angels on earth – touching lives and striking a chord straight with my heart which is so deep and instilling an unshakable belief in my own self. The belief to go and achieve and chase my own dreams every single day – live every moment of life and no matter what the circumstance stand today, they made me realise I can get up and write my own script of my life and make it happen for myself.

This is V-con to me. It made me realise who I am and who I can be. Some things were not pleasant  for me to acknowledge about myself as it showed me the mirror  about me and my character. It showed nothing but the truth to me. But I would want to be honest here and say that while it showed me and me realise this unpleasant things for myself it also gave me the courage to accept who I am and from there change and build it on to who I want to be. This is the beauty about v-con.

V- con empowered me to look beyond challenges, embrace my fears, face the world and set my eyes on my dreams and envision a life of abundance.

At v- con I felt cosmic magic happen where all the  stars shined on the v- stage every single night and these angels answered so many questions for me that lay deep within my heart, synergised all the energies of the universe and conspired for me  an unshakeable belief that I could carry back within myself, backed with  invincible passion for our own dreams and just make things happen for each one of us……. this is was absolute magic – I experienced the word beautiful!!!!!!!!!

This Vcon 2012, I feel I am heading back home with few more into this family to experience this magic once again and go back in the world and truly make a difference one more time…… I have learnt that I can write my own script of life, chase my own aspirations, live rather than just survive, be truly awake than sleep, love rather than hate and be passionate than crib….. Vcon made me alive then and this time I will be reborn again at vcon

V-con  is just beautiful! – indeed a cosmic magic on earth!!!!”


This is what motivates us at Qnet to bring out our best efforts in order to help each and every member of the Q-net family to achieve their goals. We become the guiding lights for our members and help them lead into a life they dreamed to live. The success of V-con is proves that all the members are shining stars and that Qnet isn’t just a company, it is a RELIGION!


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