Good Work Speaks for Itself

We at QNET, leave out nothing behind when it comes to helping our members. Our members have the freedom to communicate with anyone in our organization, this helps to remove any communication barrier, thus making the management of the organization completely transparent. Our VCON event is just another example that we are a member dedicated company. Our success is what our members say about us. Here’s what one of our members, Pooja Shahani, who attended VCON has to say,

“Ever since I joined the business in March 2011, I was edified very very strongly on this annual mega event. In 2011, the event was to be held at Malaysia in the month of May. Being a newcomer in the business I was not too keen to immediately spend so much again for this international event.  However, on counselling with my up lines & with the continuous curiosity building within me regarding the event, I finally booked my tickets at the last minute & was all set to explore and be part of this event which I knew would be a great one!

 On the first day we had to simply reach the venue & complete our registrations and collect our VCON t-shirts. But in this simple activity also, there was so much to learn! The entire activity was managed by the QNET In-Service Team – which comprised of people from different countries & all who have made it big in this business. They earn big time through this business, yet the dedication, warmth & passion with which they are in-service to the entire QNET family coming for this event, is just incredible! It was a smooth process of registration & collecting the t-shirt where all along we were greeted with the smiling faces of in-service people and the halls were filled with VCON & QNET Cheers all along! This boosted  me even more & I was now super excited for the actual event which was for the next 5 days!

 The next day was the first day of VCON! We were asked to dress in our traditional outfits & reach the venue.  When we gathered in our hotel lobby to take the transportation to reach the venue, it was a heartening view to see everyone dressed in their traditional outfits – since most of them were from India, we could see all possible Indian traditional outfits in the lobby area! Everyone was super charged, cameras went click click & slowly we all boarded the buses. On reaching the venue the view was just breath taking……there were close to 10,000 people from 30 different countries all clad in their traditional outfits!!It was a great feeling and a proud one at that to be part of this event & standing amidst this kind of crowd at that moment!

 As the days progressed, every single session was worthwhile & gave a lot of food for thought.  A lot of self introspection, lot of learning’s, lot of fun, socialising within the QNET family, getting to know people from different parts of the world, exchanging contacts to help each other in future, and not to forget – the chance to see – meet – talk to the Mentors of Our Business – Dr.Dato Vijay Eswaran, Chief Pathman Senathirajah, All VP Partners & AVP’s.  QNET works on a transparent platform wherein you can interact freely right up to the V Partner levels! Every single person in the management team is down to earth, helpful, always motivating & encouraging each one to work hard and simply follow the system to achieve individual dreams!

VCON has changed me a lot. It gave me the confidence, boost & motivation to work hard in this business and to achieve every single dream of mine, my family & also to help each one who joins this journey on my trust to achieve their dreams/goals. It helped me examine my inner self and identify my strengths & weaknesses and how I should go about positively to change my life.”

 We are proud at our achievement of satisfying our members and fulfilling all our commitments to them. We wish to continue the same kind of work in the future and get more and more happy smiles from our members. QNET was, is and will remain a company focused at the members.


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